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Friday, 7 January 2011

Read, Review, Recommend

Read, Review, Recommend is a weekly feature where guest bloggers choose a book to recommend and review it. This is the first one so I hope you all enjoy it. I have to say that there is no one I would rather have as my first guest blogger. Melissa is the sweetest thing and her blog is just AMAZING. I'm sure most of you have checked it out (she has over 500 followers) but if you haven't you must. I'll let Melissa take it away...


First of all, let me give a big thank you to Alice for letting me take over her blog to feature a review here today! Reviews are probably my favourite part of the book blogosphere because it lets me get to know blog authors by their taste in books, and I’ve worked hard to establish my own voice when it comes to reviewing. So, I decided to share with you one of the best reads I’ve read so far this year…and it came as a huge surprise, too, which makes it even better!

For those that follow my blog, you know that I hate vampires. A lot. They sparkle, and glitter, and whine, and
bitch snark about their undying love for the much-too-pretty and perfect female love interest. So, when I was offered Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar for review, I’ll admit that I hesitated a little bit.

This book shocked me with its brilliance. The story is alive with detail, rich with intrigue, and merges a blend of steampunk, dystopian world where vampires roam free and humans are subservient to the vampire empires of the world. Rich and descriptive, the story is fueled by incredible characters, namely Adele and the Greyfriar. There are touches of mythology thrown into the mix that heighten the intrigue of the story and keep the fast-paced plot going.

As you probably know if you read my blog, I don’t like giving away too many plot details in my reviews, so I’ll just leave it at that, but I have to say that husband and wife author duo, Susan and Clay Griffith created a masterpiece with The Greyfriar…and here’s the kicker – it’s a series! This is just book one!

I highly, highly recommend this book to all paranormal and steampunk fans, especially those who love vampire books. If you want to view my full review, feel free to click here!


What a great review! Definitely go check out Melissa's blog I Swim For Oceans and I promise you won't regret it!


  1. I read Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar's review at Melissa's blog and I am completely intrigued by the book! This is a great feature!:)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me, Alice! Everyone should check out this book...it's amazing :)

  3. Well, if this book is highly recommended from someone who is mortally sick of vampires, too...then I must give it a shot!

    Thanks for hosting her, Alice!

  4. Misha: The book does look intriguing. Thanks :)

    Melissa: You are so welcome. Thank you for being my first participant :)

    BookGeek: I know right! When she first sent it to me I was like :O WHAT? You hate vampires. It must be great then! You are welcome :)

  5. Great kick off to this feature! Two of my favorite bloggers in one spot :)

    I kept passing on this book because I don't like the cover, but this is the second positive review I've read of it today so I may just have to look into it now.

  6. Aw thanks Small Review :)

    I definitely think you should if a vampire hater recommends it!

  7. How cool!! I am getting over so tired of vampires myself and I need to check out steampunk so this could be the the perfect place to start!

    By the way, if you want to read another different and quite cool with no sparkling vamps novel, then try The Radleys. It is really fun.

  8. It definitely seems like it would be a great place to start!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. I just read a review for this at Supernatural Snark who also gave this a glowing review. It sounds so good! Next time I'm in the mood for vampires, I think I'll pick this one up.

  10. It definitely seems to have a lot of positive reviews around. It is funny that I had never heard of it before.

  11. Melissa's blog is one of my faves and the first blog where I actually saw a review for this book! I'm hearing so many good things about this one!

  12. She is one of my favourites too! The book definitely seems quite popular.

  13. I've seen this book around too-I'll check it out!

    And I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award :]
    You can check out my post here:


  14. This is the second rave review I've seen for this book today! I am so excited to read it. This is a great feature!

    I'm a new follower. Small Review recommended you and I'm so glad she did!


  15. I am definitely planning to get it soon!

    Thanks for the follow. You are just too sweet :)

  16. I"m not sure how I ran into your blog but bam! Here I am. I must jump in and say... WOW, this book was amazing and I now too highly recommend this book.

    Today I posted a review of a grand Steampunkery Book!  Please do check it out, I highly recommend Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar if you want Steampunkery and a mix of many genres.  A new favorite... indeed a huggable book!

    Mad Scientist

  17. It seems like everyone is raving about it. I MUST read it. I will definitely check out your review on it!


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