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Monday, 17 January 2011

Call Me Crazy Katie Interviews Me On Her Blog

Katie from Call Me Crazy YA Book Reviews asked me to do an interview with her (and of course I said yes. I love her). If you haven't visited her blog, why the hell not? She is sheer fabulousness! And as cute as a button. To read the interview click HERE. And seriously if you have a question or need an experienced blogger to chat to she is your girl. And Melissa from I Swim for Oceans (she too is lovely). She was too fabulously helpful to me today. I can't do it. I can't pick anyone else. You are all too fabulous. I love you all. I don't know how this turned into an I LOVE YOU rant but it did. I love you all.

Peace out.

FYI I am feeling slightly delirious (like the book...delirium...get it) and really rather drugged up and ill. I apologise.

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