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Friday, 28 January 2011

Read, Review, Recommend (4)

It is friday again, YAY! I hope you have all had a great week. This week The Book Vixen is guest blogging and sharing a review of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It is a stunning book and one of my favourites. I shall let her take it away and share with you everything she loved!


Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

One of the most moving books I read last year, that carried a strong impact for me, was Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The premise was interesting enough to catch my attention: Hannah recently committed suicide and left behind 13 cassette tapes, each tape containing a reason for her decision. She leaves a note with instructions that these tapes be passed along to the people mentioned on the tapes. If her request is not satisfied, there will be consequences to pay. Hannah's voice is eerie and haunting as you read through her messages left on the tapes. I could hear the tone of her voice through the pages. It's a powerful read, one that will stay with me for a long, long time.

Thirteen Reasons Why is not a light, fun, fluffy read. It's one of those poignant, thought-provoking books that will forever leave a mark with you. It certainly taught me a few things. This is one of those books that I strongly feel should be required reading in junior high schools all over the world, especially with all the bullying and suicides going on in the news lately. Sometimes we don't realize how something we say could affect others. It's the little things that you might think mean little or no harm for people but make a huge impact for some. 

My review in full: http://www.thebookvixen.com/2010/03/review-thirteen-reasons-why-by-jay.html


Thanks for stopping by Book Vixen and make sure you stop by her blog and remember to add Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher to your TBR pile :)


  1. I love this book! I totally agree with The Book Vixen--Hannah's voice comes through really well and it is haunting.

  2. The Book Vixen: Thanks for particpating :)

    Small Review; it is an awesome book! Very haunting.

  3. Nice place :)
    Book Vixen sent me over ;)

  4. Thanks :) How lovely of her to send you my way :)

  5. oh man, i did love this book. perhaps a re-read is in order...

  6. I would love to re-read it this year. If only I didn't have a ton of other books that need reading!

  7. I loved this book, and I felt that Jay Asher got the message across very well, and in a realistic situation. I reviewed this one myself, and it's 5 stars all the way!

  8. It is definitely a 5 star book for me too!


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