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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Taking A Break

Hello my wonderful and loyal readers. You may have noticed I have been a bit absent this week. I haven't been responding to comments, my blog posts are few and far between and the quality of my posts has been lacking. I know this. To be honest I am feeling pretty sucky about my blogging skills at the moment. I have been a crappy blogger. 

School is killing me. I have my AS exams in May, all 7 of them in one week, 5 of those on my day. My life sucks. I did some modules in January and got 3 As so I am hoping I can keep this up. I am taking 5 A levels and the norm is 4. I am taking additional maths which is more difficult than other A level courses and it is bloody hard. One of my maths teachers had to leave due to illness and it has really stressed me out. I need to start spending more time revising and less time blogging.

I've also been reading less. I think I spend more like blogging and tweeting than I do reading. I don't want it to be like that. I blog because I love to read. I don't read because I love to blog (which I do). 

All these factors have led to me to this conclusion. I am taking a break. I am sorry for this. I may take a couple of weeks off and come back and then disappear in May or I may take the whole time off until June. I have a blog tour scheduled in April so I will be back around then, even if just for that one post. I may post on and off when I have a spare moment.

Again, I am sorry to have to do this but I would not be able to provide you with posts of the quality I do normally due to the huge distraction and lack of time. I hope to read lots so I should have lots of reviews for you all when I return.

Ciao for now :)

PS If you are a twitterbug I shan't be around there on weekdays. I am banning the internet from myself during weekdays, bar emails. Send me an email if you need something :)


  1. totally understand. i know when i did my AS/A levels I was living with my revision notes and my walls were literally covered in post-its.

    well done on the modules so far and good luck on the rest to come! all in one week is so sucky!

  2. Aw, we'll miss you, Alice! Good luck with exams! *sends positive thoughts* :D

  3. You shall be missed but alas, sometimes you just need a few moments to yourself. Especially, when life tossing you important situations to get through.

    Mad Scientist
    Steampunkery & Book Reviews

  4. I was the same when it came to my MA. This week I havent been around much and I havent read anything all week, this is due to celebrating passing my MA :)
    I am like you, I blog/tweet because I love to read and I do it for me. I think taking time out is a good thing! And going off your marks so far it looks like you'll do great with your exams!!

  5. Aw, totally understand but you will be missed :)

  6. Have fun on your break dawling! We'll be waiting for your return! :D

  7. Good luck Alice! I hope you kick butt on your exams. School comes first, unfortunately. :)

  8. Don't feel bad! You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm thinking I'm going to need to take a month long hiatus as well...

  9. Wishing you the best of luck Alice! Looking forward to seeing you back in the summer :D

  10. We'll miss you! Good luck in your exams, we totally understand the need for a break. I'm sure you'll do amazing again :D

  11. We will definitely miss your posts, but studies are very important and we will still be here when you decide to come back.
    Good luck on all your exams!

  12. Being honest, l think it's good your doing this because l know it must be difficult to stop blogging for a while but like you said, you can't not have any time reading because your spare time is spent blogging! I hope you manage to get some reading done and goodluck in your exams.


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