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Friday, 4 March 2011

Read, Review, Recommend (6)

Time for another Read, Review, Recommend. This week we have Bree from Bree's Books here today! She has decided to recommend more than one book and I think "what the heck?" Might as well make our TBR piles even longer :P


Hey lovely people! I want to start off by thanking Alice for having me here, especially for this awesome feature--it’s super great! Now, if you’re like me (which you are, because you’re here) you like to read. Good books especially. So when Alice asked me to be apart of this and pick a book to recommend, I couldn’t think of just one. I’m not the most decisive person and hey, I like a lot of books. And then I realized some of my favorite books just aren’t given enough credit because they’re either underrated or not many people know about them.

So the point is, I’m going to be a cheater here and instead of picking one book (I can’t do things in ones if my life depended on it. Seriously, can you buy anything with one dollar? Can you eat just one potato chip? Can you walk out of a bookstore with only one book?? Well, not I!), I’m going to recommend to you two authors whose books I absolutely love.

First off, Tara Altebrando. 

There’s not really a valid reason I came up with when I asked myself why Tara doesn’t have much more of a following. My guess is that her books are published by MTV. Contrary to popular belief, MTV doesn’t have such horrible taste in literature as you think it does. As opposed to their ridiculous segments that make up our “music television”. (Though I do enjoy “I Used to be Fat”...) But no worries, they weren’t even the ones who published Snooki. (Shaking my head at you, Simon and Schuster!) Tara Altebrando is one of my favorite YA contemporary writers. If you like Sarah Dessen or Elizabeth Scott, Tara is your girl! Her first novel The Pursuit of Happiness was great, but What Happens Here is the book that sealed the deal for me. I don’t want to tell you too much about them, because that will just take out all the glory of reading and discovering this new-to-you talent here, but just expect an intimate, emotional, terrific coming-of-age story from both of these. And aren’t those always the best?

Another lady who is far underrated is Cara Lockwood. 

Cara is the author of The Bard Academy series (which is one of my favorite series ever!) along with a few contemporary chick-lit titles (does anyone else hate the word “chick-lit”? I do). Her Bard Academy series is also published by MTV, which again, is what I think is to blame for her underratedness (Yes, I just made that word up). This series is one of the most unique, funniest and funnest stories I’ve read and I was sad to know that there won’t be a fourth book (most likely due to sales). If you like Claudia Gray’s Evernight series, Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, or even Harry Potter, you should give this one a try!

All in all, these are only a few books I think need (and deserve) more credit, so if you have the time and are looking for new-to-you reads, I highly suggest picking these up!
(In other words, DO IT NOW. :))


I do love someone who likes to bend the rules :P Now I get to add even more books to my TBR Pile. I would like to thank Bree again for coming and go visit Bree's Books :)


  1. My TBR pile just expanded in size! :)
    Thank you for the recommendations, Bree! Cara Lockwood's books look especially interesting.

  2. Thanks again, Alice! I clearly had a little too much fun doing this. haha

    And YAY-Misha! So glad you're thinking of giving them a try! They are SO worth it, I promise you! :)

  3. No problem Briana :) I'm glad you have fun!

  4. I have never heard of either of these authors. Thanks for bringing them to our attention. I like the sound of them both.

  5. I love the sound of the Cara Lockwood books. Thanks for the recommendations!


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