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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Discussion Post: Book Lengths

How important is a length of a book to you? What is your preferred length? Personally I like a book between about 300-350 pages. That is not always the case. I read Divergent in 2 days which is almost 500 pages. I loved Beautiful Creatures and that was LONG. I read Breaking Dawn which was 750 pages (though I didn't enjoy it very much). I really enjoyed Harry Potter and I liked the length because it was so full of action.

Some books are perfect in 200 pages. If I stay at 224 pages really packed a punch! I really like it when a book can have such an impact in a small number of pages. Quick reads are great when you have a free evening. 

I don't mind too much about length. when it gets close to 500 it does put me off a bit but it won't stop me from reading it. Short books and long books both have a place in my reading schedule and I do try to work it so I'm alternating to keep things fresh!


  1. I agree that I usually like medium length books best. Sometimes I don't want to pick up a really long book, just because I feel it will take me much longer to finish it, but sometimes short books take me longer if they're not that interesting. I usually end up reading all different length books, anyway.

  2. l don't mind too much about length =)
    But l also prefer books with 300-350 pages. l am much more likely to get to them quicker too.
    I am reading Raised By Wolves which is 400 pages and it feels huge but it isn't that big! But l am loving it so don't mind it is a little bit bigger =)

  3. I'm really afraid of books >300 pages. Especially since I started blogging. I think they will take me too long to read, thus slowing down my ability to pump out reviews.

    My comfort zone for books is between 200 and 300. The perfect length in my mind is 250 pages.

  4. I might glance at the page count if I'm trying to finish a book by a certain deadline, but generally I don't pay attention to that. The last two books I read were 240 pages and 994 pages. So I read various lengths of books. I'm never going to hesitate to pick up a book that looks awesome because of its page count, that is for sure. Though, if the book weighs several pounds I may get it in ebook instead. :)

  5. I like any book length in Mass Market Paperbacks Alice as they are easily portable, Trade and Hard Back 250-450 is my max comfort zone... However since Diana Gabaldon and a few others I read like her have HUGE hardback books I make exceptions for their series as cannot stop reading their work no matter how many pages there are...

    Good discussion, we all have our own thoughts and preferences and some of them are depending on our mood the day we read something too!

  6. It really depends. My usual length is around 300. I feel that it's the perfect amount. Not too long, not too short. However, if I hear really good things about a book or it's one that I really want to read and it's either shorter or longer than that, I'll probably still read it. Sometimes, I'll be in the mood for a short book, usual for a quick read, but other than that I usual stick to the 300 thing. I mean, I don't solely judge a book by the number of pages, but it is sometimes something that I take into consideration. As always, great post Alice :)

  7. For the first in a series 400 pages is pushing it for YA. Do we really need that much development??? I feel like for those kinds of books, nothing is ever going to happen, and the book ends leaving me disappointed. Alice Hoffman's Green Witch/Angel books are a little over a hundred pages and they pack a hefty punch.

    I think 300-350 is a great range.


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