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Friday, 30 December 2011

My Bookish 2012 New Year's Resolutions Challenge

The challenge is hosted by Butterfly-O-Meter Books

I took part in a number of challenges last year and I failed to complete many of them. Throughout the year I forgot many of my challenges, mainly because I took on too many. This is the only challenge I am going to take part in next year but I will make many different targets within.

My Resolutions

1. Read 100 books

I haven't reached this goal this year (at around 70 at the moment). I hope to read 120 at best but 100 is my goal. That's 8-9 books a month and doable I feel.

2. Read at least one of my own books each month

I spend most of my time reading review books but I have over 100 books on my shelf, unread, that I have bought. I need to start reading some.

3. Only buy one book for every 5 of my own books I read

My bookshelves are crying from being so full so I need to move books from my TBR pile to my read pile and make some room. 

4. Only buy books that are part of a series I have already started

I literally cannot keep up with all the series and I need to finish the ones I have started before I start any more.

5. Do a bookshelf tour

I have filmed one dozens of times, I just never like how it turns out so I don't post it. I must post one this year.

6. Read everyday

I know this sounds a little odd but sometimes I don't read for days but I hope to read a little everyday, even if it is a couple of pages.

7. Do a weekend Read-A-Thon each month

This may not happen every month but I would like to spend one weekend each month indulging my reading addiction.

8. Comment more on other people's blog.

I love getting comments and I wish to share that with others :)

9. Make more youtube videos

In the last month I have really gotten into the youtube book community and I hope I am able to post more regularly on there


I must admit blogging completely stressed me out and I felt very pressured. I am going to try my best just to have fun with it and not worry so much!

So these are my goals for the new year. Have you signed up for any challenges?

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