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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Review: Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

    Being Nikki (Airhead, #2)

Title: Being Nikki
Author: Meg Cabot
Series: Airhead #2
Pages: 301
Publisher: Macmillan
Release Date: July 1st 2009 (UK)
Source: For Review
Rating: 3 stars

I am Nikki Howard now. Em Watts is dead ...
Teen supermodel Nikki Howard has a secret. She's not the gorgeous golden airhead she seems - on the inside she's someone else. Literally. Em Watts is stuck in the body of glamazon celebutante Nikki. And it's not easy. Especially when Nikki's past is about to catch up with her, her boss is spying on her, and Em's heart wants one thing but her lips keep kissing someone else...

Being Nikki was a bit of a disappointment for me. I really enjoyed Airhead and was looking forward to the next book in the series but Being Nikki fell a little flat for me.

Chris was my favourite character in Airhead and I really hoped to see more of him in Being Nikki and see how his and Em's relationship would progress. There was more of Chris towards the end but I felt I had to push myself through the first half.

The second half was much better to the first which did redeem the book slightly. The ending was a OMG moment. It was a huge cliffhanger and a complete shock.

The second half and the ending are enough to want me to read the final book in the trilogy, Runaway. I hope it resembles Airhead more than Being Nikki.

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