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Friday, 2 September 2011

Review; Brother/Sister by Sean Olin


Title: Brother/Sister
Author: Sean Olin
Series: Standalone
Pages: 242
Publisher: RazorBill Penguin
Release Date: August 4th 2011 (UK)
Source: For review
Rating: 3 stars

Will and Asheley have a troubled past. Their father left them when they were little, and their mother has just been carted off to an alcohol treatment center. Now, they have the house to themselves, and an endless California summer stretching out before them. Through alternating perspectives, they tell the story of how and why their lives spun violently out of control—right up to the impossibly shocking conclusion you'll have to read for yourself to believe. 

Brother/Sister is a disturbing, heart wrenching story about a brother and sister who have gone through life with only each other to depend on. It shows the transition of a brother and sister from best friends to something terrifying over an action slowly revealed in the novel.

The characters, I felt, were a little two dimensional. While I pitied both characters I can't say I liked too much about them. As the novel progressed the actions of both characters changed the way I viewed them, but in different lights. Asheley's actions were understandable to a certain extent, yet completely outrageous. Will's actions, which could never really be accepted nor understood really, just spiralled out of control. It was horrifying yet memorising to read about.

It was unlike anything I've read. Twisted, dark and heartbreaking. A huge issue I have with this novel is the ending. I don't understand it. It think it is me. A lot of people get it (and if you do, please explain it to me). I feel that something clever was being done but I'm a little lost. That lost a star for me. 

There were many things about the book that made it intriguing, though I can't really say enjoyable. If you like mystery and some disturbing relationships, I'm sure you would enjoy this.


  1. Yeah, I've heard similar things about this book. I'm still a little unsure about it, but I'll just have to read it to see! Great review :)

  2. I don't think you are supposed to understand the ending -- it's a big question mark ? I tend to think the worst scenario is the answer....


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