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Friday, 6 January 2012

Cover Reveals

Some new covers have been released recently and I thought I'd share them with you. 

The insurgent cover matches the new cover the for the UK paperback. I do these but I prefer the US covers. I like how I always see something new when I look at these though.

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5)

I haven't read of the books in the Mortal Instruments series (I know, sue me) so I don't know who is on there (Clary, perhaps) or how it portrays the book. I think it is really pretty though.

What do you think of these covers?


  1. I much prefer that cover of Divergent to the Aussie one. And I haven't read the Mortal instruments either, but I think that would have to be one of the nicest covers of the series.

  2. Yep! That's Clary! I love the US version of the Divergent series... thx for posting.

  3. I like that City of Lost Souls has Jace and Clary on it, but I kind of liked how the other books didn't show their faces, Clary looks kind of old! Thanks for posting this Alice! I hadn't seen it yet! :)

  4. You posted the wrong UK cover for INSURGENT, or did you want to share the Divergent cover? I prefer the US covers. But the COLS cover is just perfect!!!!!!!! <3 Read TMI!!! Really!

  5. I do like the new UK covers for Insurgent and Divergent, but I wish we still had the US covers! Imo, they were way awesomer! And oh, I didn't know the cover for City of Lost Souls was released! I read the TMI books recently, but I haven't really been keeping up with the fandom so.. haha


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