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Monday 1 November 2010

Scarred by Julia Hoban

Scarred by Julia Hoban


This is book is also called Willow in America, in case you were wondering. The book is about a girl named Willow who killed her parents in a car accident, in which she was driving. She self harms to deal with her pain and keep her going. However, when Guy finds out about her cutting she has to deal with someone else knowing about her secret.

Now where to start? Well I read this book in 2 days, avoiding all sorts of work I had to do so I would be able to finish it as quickly as possible. This book was by no means easy to read and at times I had to close my eyes and take a deep breath before resuming. It is such a sensitive issue and I have only read one other book covering the same topic. Julia Hoban dealt with it with such grace whilst still managing not to sugar coat it.

I liked Willow and I have read reviews where they find her rude and bitchy and unbearable but I like her. I find her easy to sympathise without despite some of her qualities which could be deemed rude. She had to deal with such a horrific accident and I feel so awful for her because she has this guilt hanging over her. Willow, to me at least, was a very realistic character. Hoban managed to get the balance just right in relation to Willow’s need for both her razors and for Guy.

Guy. Guy. Guy. Well I loved him. I felt that he was so distraught when he found out about Willow and I can completely understand that reaction. Her brother was another character I loved. He was another insight into how people coped with the loss of parents, even at different ages.

The book is so much more than self harm though. It about first love and the choices and sacrifices people make for love. I thought the love aspect of it was written just beautifully. The conflict of emotions had me laughing one minute to crying the next.

Well this is my first review so I hope you enjoy it and I really recommend getting this book.


  1. I enjoyed this book a lot. I thought Willow was a pretty authentic character, and I feel I understand that "disease" better after reading this book. Keep those reviews coming!

    New follower!

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  2. Thanks for the comment :) I completely agree, she is very authentic. Thanks for the support :)

  3. -I really enjoyed this book! And, coincidence, this was my first book I reviewed too! :] Julia Hoban portrayed her characters very well. I fell in love with Guy. I wish he was a real person; he seems like the best guy to be friends with.



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