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Tuesday 15 February 2011

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

Title: Low Red Moon
Author: Ivy Devlin 
Pages: 244
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release Date: September 14th 2010
Source: For Review from Bloomsbury (thank you :D )

The only thing Avery Hood can remember about the night her parents died is that she saw silver—deadly silver, moving inhumanly fast. As much as she wants to remember who killed them, she can't, and there's nothing left to do but try to piece her life back together. Then Avery meets the new boy in school—Ben, mysterious and beautiful, with whom she feels a connection like nothing she's ever experienced. When Ben reveals he's a werewolf, Avery still trusts him—at first. Then she sees that sometimes his eyes flash inhuman silver. And she learns that she's not the only one who can't remember the night her parents died.Part murder mystery, part grief narrative, and part heart-stopping, headlong romance, Low Red Moon is a must-read for teen paranormal fans. As breathless as Twilight and as spooky as Shiver, this is a book to be devoured in one sitting—by an acclaimed YA author making her paranormal debut under the pseudonym Ivy Devlin.

First off, Ivy Devlin is actually Elizabeth Scott. I have never read any of her books and because this is very different to her usual writing I am not put off. That being said, I did not enjoy this and since I have heard great things about her contemporary novels so I think it is what she is better at, though I haven't read any.

It wasn't awful. It just didn't work for me. I felt that it had similarities to Twilight with the whole "Guy obsessed with girl, longing gazes, won't act like a normal guy and just talk to her" and the whole googling about the wolf stories and having an epiphany about what he is.  I found it all very forced and unnatural. 

I had some issues with the romance too. I understand that the there was this "bond" between them but it seems to mean they don't have to get to know each other. They barely talk, they barely spend time together. The relationship does get better and I don't know if it was just me but I do have an issue with this attraction that can't be fought and how they MUST be together.  I wanted to read something more real. The relationship at the end did leave me feeling better about it though. I think I just expected more as she writes romance novels normally.

The mystery was definitely a redeeming quality. It has be engaged the way through the novel. The ending was unexpected and the whole time I was like "oh, it is him, oh wait it is that other guy. No, it was the first guy". She managed to keep me guessing the whole time which was refreshing. 

Avery's relationship was lovely. I thought it was very touching. I think it could have been more developed. Actually all of the characters could have been more developed. I didn't feel like I knew any of them particularly well and this did make it harder to sympathise with them. The characters definitely had promise though. Well, expect Ben. I didn't really like him.

Overall, it was okay. I definitely didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. It was bearable and enjoyable at times but not worth re-reading. It might be for you but unfortunately it wasn't really for me.


  1. I completely agree with you about all of this! I didn't like Ben, and Ben and Avery's relationship. I felt like I know nothing about Ben besides the fact he was a werewolf because that was all Avery knew about him, and I didn't really get how they could have an actual, lasting relationship that way.
    I don't do broody 'Gosh, Look At Me, I'm SOOOO Intense' boys.

    Great review :D

  2. Definitely. I don't mind the brooding, intense types when I actually get to know them by the end of the book. I just didn't feel like it happened here.

  3. Oh, I've been waiting to see what you thought of this. I didn't know she was Elizabeth Scott! I haven't read any of her other work, but I definitely know the name.

    It seems you had problems that I had, too. I had hoped for a lot more!

  4. I didn't know when I started it. When I knew I did expect a little better romance than I got.

    Yeah. It just didn't work. I did expect more too.

  5. Honest review. I had a hard time with Shiver, so I might not be very inclined to read this. I love the name Avery though. I think that it's cool that an author might want to step into a different genre - very brave - but sometimes if it doesn't work, it just doesn't work.

  6. Thank you. I agree that it is so completely brave to change genres and this by no means puts me off her contemporary work. While I did not like the book, I do think it had promise. I would even consider reading a book by her in this genre to see if it improves. I love the name Avery too :)


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