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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New Year Resolutions

I love making New Year resolutions but guess what? I kinda suck at keeping them. I am, however, going to try extra hard this year to stick to them and if I'm not, feel free to give me a little nudge :P I cannot wait for this year to be over. It has been pretty shitty crappy so I hope 2011 is a good one. I hope it is good for you all too :)

Blogging Resolutions

1. Blog more - I try to blog as much as possible but I haven't been planning my posts so it gets a little overwhelming and then I run out of time. I will plan my posts and thus blog more :)

2. Read more - I'm not that fast a reader but I have made myself a little schedule if you will, giving a little structure to my reading plan. I aim to read two books a week and at least 100 books next year.

3. Post more "substantial" posts - I love memes, don't get me wrong but I would love to have discussion points and author interviews and provide something a little different.

4. Comment more - I try to visit others and comment as much as I can but I'm appalling at it. I will make it a promise to return each comment made on my blog and then some more

5. Improve my networking skills - I need to chat with more bloggers, email more authors, and just find out what is going on with everyone. I hope I am approachable and if anyone ever wants a chat I'm just an email or a tweet away 

6. Be less afraid of what everyone is thinking of me and my little blog - I need to learn to do what I want. I need to stop trying to be like every other blog while still giving you (hopefully) things you want to see

Life Resolutions

1. Lose weight - I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and I want to feel healthy.

2. Stick to a schedule - I am awful at time management and I just waste so much time doing nothing. Must make use of my time

3. Revise and study like crazy - I've got a year and a half left of school so if I work hard now I will finally get out of school and start living :)

4. Meet new fabulous people - bloggers and non bloggers alike. 

So these are my resolutions for now. Do have any new year resolutions?


  1. Great honest and inspiring resolutions/goals, Alice! I think that by posting our goals online, people are going to hold us accountable, so that makes life a lot easier, eh? I'm looking forward to what your blog has to offer in 2011 :)

  2. Thanks. I completely agree. I feel like when I've gotten them written down I am more likely to stick to it. Thanks :) I hope it will be okay!

  3. Good luck to you on completing your resolutions. Haven't decided what my resolutions will be yet... I'll have to post something when I figure it out.

  4. Thanks :) I would love to see your resolutions when you put them up!

  5. You've got some really good resolutions there, I look forward to reading more from your blog and hope next year is a better year all round. :D

  6. Thanks so much :) I really appreciate your kind words

  7. Good luck with all of your resolutions! I'm absolutely terrible at keeping my own resolutions. I'm really looking forward to what you have planned with your blog in 2011, but if nothing changed I'd still loving coming to your Reader Room :)

  8. I love your resolutions =D
    Especially for your blog. I should follow those but i'd prolly forget. :( I should really put myself out their and talk to authors as well but i haven't quite figured out how yet. "/
    I also love your life resolutions =D
    mine is just not to straighten my hair for at least 3 months. xD

  9. Small Review: Thanks :) You are the sweetest thing (and your blog is just insanely amazing)

    NerdyBookLover: Thanks :D I actually emailed an author after I wrote the post (I felt inspired) and she was the nicest person. I felt all giddy that she even emailed me back so go for it!!
    Thanks :) That is a good resolution, I probably should straighten mine more :P

  10. Hey! Great NYRs!! You can totally do it :-D


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