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Monday, 27 December 2010

Library Reading Challenge

I don't know if there is already a challenge like this but I thought I would do one anyway as I haven't found one. With huge hype over new books I seem to forget to actually use the library instead of buying all the new books. I  miss out on the slightly older titles that deserve as much credit as the new ones. My library is rather good and now we can rent ebooks for free as well. I need to use it more often and this will hopefully help me to do so. They can be of any genre, of any length, and in any format (not audio books though). There is no minimum or maximum but read as many as you can. I am definitely going to have a weekly trip to my library! I am now co-hosting with Lazy Girl Reads and we are considering some prizes for participants to win (as an extra incentive :P) so join in the fun!


 - Do a post about the Library Reading Challenges on your blog (if you have one)
 - Add your link to the challenge post on your blog below
 - Books do not need to added in advance
 - The books must be read during January 1st - December 31st 2011
 - Post reviews on your blog/goodreads/shelfari and you can post your links on my blog once a month
 - Crossover books are fine

I aim to read about 20. How many do you hope to read?


  1. This is awesome, Alice! I'll do a post for this later this week. I really need to start going to the library - it might help my wallet ;)

  2. Thanks :) me too and after my little freak out about nearly getting a huge fine I figured regular library trips couldn't hurt :P

  3. This is really great, we need to help our libraries all we can, i will definitely post this up later. I work in a library, and take out loads of books, but somehow still end up buying some, so maybe this challenge will help. It's a great idea. Thanks :D

  4. Thanks :) I'm so glad you want to partipate :)

  5. Aw, I wish I could help you with your fine :) We're very nice about fines here. I always cut them in half and if someone drops off a book and says it's late, I check it in as if they dropped it off a day earlier. We always say, the library shouldn't punish you with fines, it should just encourage you to bring the books back in a timely manner.

    I saw one library challenge, but I'm not sure if it's for all kinds of books or just YA. The more challenges the merrier, I say!

  6. It was only a scare. I forgot that I renewed them *blushes* I really hate the way they do it here. I would have been charged over £10 for two weeks with 3 books. There was no note so I had no real way of knowing. I will have to set myself reminders on my phone nowadays. Your library sounds fab!

    Silly me. I thought I would just make one in case, for fun. I also kinda wanted to make one xD

  7. Whew! That is an incredibly high fine. I would definitely forget I had renewed my books without notices. We have email alerts and receipts, plus you can check your account online. Without them I would be lost.

    Making a challenge sounds like fun! I admire your bravery! I'll be signing up for this one too. What's one more challenge :P Besides, most of my books for my other challenges will probably be coming from the library anyway, so I can feel all accomplished with this challenge. :)

  8. If I got email alerts I would never have a late fine again really. It is almost like they want to fine you opposed to trying to get you to return them.

    Thanks :) and thanks for signing up. I thought I would try it and if only 2 people sign up then so be it. It is all just a bit of fun. I wanted to have a challenge that wasn't too complicated and could be used with other challenges, otherwise that is ALOT of books.

  9. Sounds like a nice challenge!

    Unfortunately, our library is pretty crappy with new books - it's a small library and they have a lot of older titles, but the new ones are always out. It would cost me a pocket full of money to become a member to be able to get some books, so I've passed.. There's one library that's good though, but it's like a 45 min oneway trip so I just stick with buying my books :)

    Good luck with the challenge though, I will be checking in to see what you all read from the library!

  10. Ah, that is such a shame. My local library is alright. Not the best but certainly better than it used to be.

    Thank you :)

  11. Oh this is perfect for me! I pretty much only get my books from the library. As soon I see a book that sounds interesting, I put it on hold. Will post soon :D

  12. Great challenge! It needs an amazing button though don't you think?! I tried to do a similar challenge on my blog last year for 25 books but my button was really funny looking!

    Anyway, I'm going to sign up for your challenge :)

  13. Laura: Thanks for participating :)

    LazyGirl: It does need a button but I am just so so terrible at making them. I may attempt one though. Thanks :)

  14. Hi! I glad to join this book challenge.:-)
    I don't know yet how many books I'll be able to read. The library here in Sotuh Korea has limited english books. So I guess I'll be counting my books by the end of the year.
    Happy reading!

  15. Thanks :) That is fine and there is no minimum either. Just read as many as you wish!

  16. thanks for this awesome and easy challenge I signed up :)

  17. You are so welcome. Thanks for signing up!

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