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Sunday, 19 December 2010

British Book Challenge 2011

I think it is very important to support new authors in your country. I don't read as many British books as I want to. Hopefully this challenge will help me become more aware of British authors and to support them. You just have to read 12 books in the year, one a month. That's it. Simple. International bloggers can enter to. The challenge is hosted by The Booklette and there are more details on her blog.

I'm now off to hunt for some British authors and get buying :)


  1. I've joined in with this too. I've got 2 books listed for definite, plus a book by Christopher Fowler (just got to choose which one!).

  2. It's a great challenge. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi and welcome to the challenge!
    I love the really clean look of your blog.
    Anyway, suggestions... do you usually read adult fiction or YA? Any favourite genres? I'm sure I can recommend a great book to kick start you.

    Thanks so much for signing up and best of luck.

  4. Thanks :) I generally read YA but I read some adult fiction as well..

    Thanks :)


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