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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Discussion: Audiobooks

I have an audiobook virgin. Never have I ever listened to one. That makes me sad. I can't read on car/bus journeys so I need to pass the time somehow. It has only recently come to me that audiobooks would be a great way to pass time. I also have a major long flight to New Zealand this summer so in preparation I have been to the library getting audiobooks to upload to itunes!

I have only gotten one book so far and that is Artichoke Hearts by Sita Brahmachari. It looks like a really sweet read and something to test whether I like audiobooks or not. I shall definitely be getting some more from the library. It only cost me £1.60 to borrow it for 3 weeks but I was able to put the songs on my ipod so I can return it quickly. 

What I want to know is whether you listen to audiobooks? Are there any good audiobooks you have listened to recently? Do the readers of the book put you off sometimes? Where do you listen to audiobooks?


  1. I'm a huge fan of audiobooks and I listen to lots of them. One of my favourites is Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - I loved both of the voices on that one! Right now I'm listening to Wintergirls and I think it must have been a very difficult one to transfer to audio.
    Thanks for this interesting discussion post!

  2. I've heard the Harry Potter audios are really well done, but I haven't listened to them. Actually, the only audiobook I can think of that I have listened to is Carmilla read by Elizabeth Klett. That link leads to a free version. She does a really good reading and her voice fits the story so well. If you like Gothic fiction, then I highly recommend it, but try not to look it up before you listen because most blurbs/reviews spoil the surprise.

  3. I hadn't really enjoyed listened to an audio book til very recently. I'd tried a couple, but had listened to them at home, was always getting distracted and my attention would fade. I'd bought an audio book of Tim Flannery's Country a few years ago. Then recently I found it lying around the house, decided to put it in the car CD player for my trips to work. Well I loved it. Did a blog post about it last week. And now I've just borrowed Dawn French's Dear Fatty from the library. Just started yesterday- but it's fantastic, so funny.

  4. ack! I LOVE audiobooks. My mom used to put them on in the car when we went on long trips, so I've listened to many since I was little!

    Here's just a few: http://tipsyreader.com/category/books/audiobook/

    But the best one by far I've read are from Christopher Moore's audiobooks. "Fool" read by Euan Morton. maybe a little raunchy for some, but funny as all beans! Lemme know which genre of books you enjoy most and I can give you a recommendation.

  5. Audiobooks are so expensive and my library doesn't really have many and the ones they do have aren't ones l want. I think if l listened to an audiobook l couldn't also read a book at the same time which would take away the whole point of listening to an audiobook, for me!


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