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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Mary Hooper Interview

 I am pleased to introduce you today to Mary Hooper. She is the author of historical fiction novels such as At The Sign Of A Sugared Plum and Fallen Grace but has also a contemporary series called Megan about a teenage girl that becomes pregnant.

Why are you drawn to writing historical fiction?

I just find it so much more interesting: highwaymen, king’s mistresses and lost inheritances over i-phones, texting and Facebook.

Can you tell us a bit about your newest book “Fallen Grace”?

It’s about a girl – Grace – who goes to work for a firm of Undertakers. It is set in Victorian times and also involves a lost sister, a baby and a vast inheritance.

Do you read children and young adult novels to help you with the target audience?

I write the sorts of stories I like to read; I don’t have to think about the age group.

What encouraged you to write for children and young adults?

Books are shorter, for a start!

Who was your favourite author as a child and who is your favourite author at present?

Richmal Crompton (she wrote the JUST WILLIAM books) was always my favourite as a child. Now I change my favourites from week to week. At the moment I’m reading Philip Pulman’s Sally Lockhart stories and loving them.

Did you always love writing or did you discover your passion later on in life?

I have always loved writing and started off by doing lots of magazine short stories. Later I wrote serials and then tackled a whole book.

Do you have to do research for your books since they are historical fiction?

Certainly – and research is the very best part of writing. It’s where you find all the interesting little things which will make your book come to life.

Do you read books whilst you are writing a novel or do you feel it hinders your work?

I am always reading. I need a break from writing!

Are you working on any new novels at this time?

I’ve just finished a book called VELVET, which is about a girl who goes to work for a fraudulent medium. It’s set a little later than FALLEN GRACE, in the year when Queen Victoria dies.


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! Make sure you add some of Mary Hooper's novels to your TBR piles today! Her latest novel Fallen Grace is out now!


  1. I recently read Fallen Grace and enjoyed it quite a bit! Mary's next book sounds really intriguing!
    Thanks for the interview! :)

  2. I have yet to read Fallen Grace but I have gotten it out from the library. It looks very good. You're welcome :)


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