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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saving June Blog Tour

Saving JuneI am lucky enough to be part of the Saving June blog tour. If you haven't read my review you can view it here. Hannah Harrington kindly agreed to answer some questions for me so I hope you enjoy!


1. ‘Saving June’ is littered with musical references. How did you choose which music to include?

I mostly just picked songs I was familiar with and already loved. I didn’t want to shoehorn songs into the story unnecessarily, so I tried to just include the ones that best fit the narrative as it went along. I also did want to represent a number of genres rather than restricting it to just one type of music, so I did make sure to include jazz, punk, rap, and other styles among the classic rock

2. What has been your most exciting road trip? If you haven’t been on a road trip where would you like to travel to?

My most memorable road trip is probably when two friends and I went from Michigan to Atlantic City and back again within two days. We spent more time on the road than in our actual destination, but it was a blast, and we had some fun detours along the way!

3. Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you like to go on a road trip with?

Anthony Bourdain, Rachel Maddow, and Kathleen Hanna.

4. Were there any moments in ‘Saving June’ that were inspired by things that happened in your own life?

The “urn splitting” was something that did actually happen to someone I knew in real life. I also did have a group of anarchist friends in high school I would go to political protests with. But for the most part, the events and characters of Saving June are all fabricated!

5. What is your next novel going to be about?

My next book, SPEECHLESS, will be published by Harlequin Teen at the end of August. It’s the story of a girl named Chelsea Knot, who takes  a voluntary oath of silence after her gossip-mongering ways get her in big trouble.


Thank you so much Hannah for answering my questions. If you haven't read Saving June DO IT NOW. It is wonderful.

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