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Friday, 22 June 2012

Review: Emma Hearts LA

    Emma Hearts LA

Title: Emma Hearts LA
Author: Keris Stainton
Series: None
Pages: 256
Publisher: Orchard
Release Date: June 7th 2012 (UK)
Source: For Review
Rating: 4 stars
100 Book challenge: #46

Emma's not sure that LA's for her, but when she accompanies her sister Jane to an audition, a chance meeting with a teen TV star starts to change her new sunshine lifestyle for the better... But what about Oscar, so far her only friend in LA, who's turning out NOT to be the idiot she thought he was?

Soon Emma begins to find herself torn between two boys and reconsidering her entire future.

Maybe LA's not that bad after all.

I've been hearing wonderful things about Keris' books for a long while now so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to review Emma Hearts LA. I must say that I really enjoyed how fun it was and I am sincerely looking forward to reading her other works.

Emma is a nice protagonist. She is a little stroppy to begin with but most people would be at the thought of leaving your friends behind to move to a new country. I could connect with her quite easily and found her likeable. It was Jane, her little sister, that I really liked reading about. Her bubbly personality was infectious.

There is a little love triangle thing going on with Oscar, a geeky boy who she was friends with when she was younger, and a hot movie star but I saw right through it. With the novel being as short as it was, there wasn't a huge development with both boys so I found it fairly easy to guess who she'd end up with.

Sexy boys may be nice but Oscar stole my heart. He is a little nerdy and not the most attractive guy but he is so sweet and kind and I just want him. I had a discussion post about Boys in Books and Oscar definitely is what I want more boys to be like!

Overall, Emma Hearts LA is a fun, light read that does touch upon some deeper issues such as family and divorce. I have not read Jessie Hearts NYC but I think it is a companion novel so if you have read it there were nice bits involving Jessie (the same one I presume). Recommended if you love contemporaries.


  1. Nerdy boys are my favourite! I'm dying to read this one :)

  2. This one sounds like a good read! Thanks for the review. :)


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