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Monday, 6 February 2012

Review: Saving Daisy

Title: Saving Daisy
Author: Phil Earle
Series: None
Pages: 339
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: January 5th 2012 (UK)
Source: For Review
Rating: 4 stars
100 Book challenge: #8

Losing love, fighting guilt, seeking hope. 

Daisy’s mum is gone. Her dad refuses to talk about it and as far as Daisy’s concerned, it’s all her fault… 

Saving Daisy is a powerful and moving story that follows the life of Daisy Houghton who first featured in Phil Earle’s critically acclaimed debut, Being Billy. 
As Daisy struggles with misplaced guilt over her mother’s death, she turns to extreme and violent measures and soon her life starts spiralling out of control. This leads to tragedy and suddenly Daisy finds herself left all alone. But sometimes the kindness of a stranger can turn things around. A stranger who desperately wants to save Daisy – if she’ll only let herself be saved.

Daisy's story is an incredibly emotional, 
devastating and uplifting novel. It had me in floods of tears out of sadness and happiness. I hasn't felt quite so emotional over a book in a long time.

Earle has a tragically beautiful writing style. It is gritty and raw and brutally honest. I haven't read his first novel Being Billy but after finishing Saving Daisy I can't wait to.

When starting the novel I has absolutely no idea where it was going to go. There were so many possibilities and I wasn't able to predict it. I don't want to say the novel doesn't have a plot because it does but it is about so much more than the plot. It is about Daisy's growth as a character and having the strength and hope to keep going when things get tough.

Saving Daisy book is hard to read at times and the book deals with difficult subject matters but it is a book worth reading if you like books about real people with real problems. Ultimately, the book is about hope and it definitely gave me some of my own.


  1. I love the last line of your review- 'this book is about hope and it definitely gave me some of my own' ooo that gave me chills! I hadn't even heard of this book until now and I definitely want to read it! I love a book that's so much more than a plot and unpredictable yet inspirational! Thanks for the awesome review Alice! :)

  2. Great review! I thought this was very good - hard to read at parts because of how realistic it was, but superb writing. Like you, I'll be tracking down Being Billy!


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