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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Forgive My Fins Blog Tour & Giveaway

Forgive My Fins

Hi guys :) Today I am presenting to you Forgive My Fins, a fabulous book about mermaids. Now this was my first mermaid novel but I am just addicted. Tera Lynn Childs did an interview with me and she is just the loveliest thing.

  1.       What compelled you to write a novel about mermaids?

I’ve been obsessed with mermaids ever since I was a little girl and first saw the movie Splash. I was a water baby and a competitive swimmer and I loved the idea of spending even more time under water. I got the idea when I was spending a lot of time on the beach one summer and starting wishing that a merman could walk out of the sea and turn me into a mermaid with a kiss.

   2.       How long did it take you to write “Forgive My Fins”?

Well, I first got the idea in the summer of 2006, but I sold Oh. My. Gods. shortly after that and had to put it away for a while. When I picked it back up and start writing again in 2008, I probably finished the first draft in about four months. From first idea to published book it took four years.

   3.       There don’t seem to be many mermaid books around. Have you read any good books containing mermaids?

Hopefully there will be more and more! One of my favorites lately is Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs. Her mermaids are extraordinarily different from mine, and their world is very dark and dangerous, but it’s a truly magical book.

   4.       Can you tell us a little about “Forgive My Fins”?

Forgive My Fins is the story of a half-mermaid princess who goes to high school on the mainland. She’s been crushing on the school swim god for three years and when she is about to confess her feelings… well, things go awry and she bestows her magical first kiss on the wrong boy.

   5.       Is there anything you must have when you’re writing eg. A food or a drink?

I have to be out of the house. I usually write in cafes and coffee shops, in a comfy chair with a tasty beverage at my side. I’m almost always listening to music. I scribble thoughts and ideas on sticky notes or in brightly colored markers. But mostly, I just need to be out of the house.

   6.       Where did you write most of ‘Forgive My Fins’?

At the Starbucks coffee shop around the corner from my old apartment in Houston, Texas. I was there so often that the baristas knew my favorite drinks and expected me to be there for a few hours every day.


The book is just fabulous and I must get my hands on the next book immediately. My review for the book will be up next week but as a little teaser I gave it 5 stars.

And now on to the giveaway. You can win a beautiful shiny paperback copy of Forgive My Fins. All you need to do is leave a comment below in regards to the interview or the book along with your email and you will be entered. You must be a resident of the UK though (sorry!).

The next tour stop is at Book Passion For Life so make sure you check that out tomorrow!


  1. Fantastic interview! I love reading mermaid books so Forgive My Fins sounds like a perfect summer read for me. I agree with Tera about Tempest Rising being a great mermaid book. I'd also really recommend the Ingo series by Helen Dunmore to you and the Mermaid's Mirror by L.K Madigan is another although I didn't enjoy that one quite as much.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)
    Email: stephanie dot reads @ hotmail dot co dot uk


  2. Amazing interview! I have been waiting for this book for far too long, and I just can't wait for it to come out. (So fingers crossed I win!)
    I was just sent Tempest Rising by Bloomsbury and i fell in love with the mermaid genre. I'm on the lookout now for good mermaid books: Forgive My Fins is at the top of the list!
    Thanks for the brilliant interview and giveaway!
    Megan from The Book Addicted Girl

  3. This book sounds so amazing! Would be great to win but if not deff going on the wishlist! Also great interview, its always interesting to know how/when and why a book was written. Also thanks for the giveaway


  4. Fantastic Interview! I never read any books about mermaids before and from the reviews this one sounds amazing!


  5. Too bad I live in the US! Sounds awesome. Loved the interview, too. I'm the same way with my writing - I need to be OUT of the house or I get distracted by many things.

  6. I've seen this one around a lot and I'm becoming more an more intrigued, I'd love to read it!

    As for writing in coffee shops: I am very jealous. I need absolute silence to be able to concentrate and I very rarely get that. I'd love to be able to just shut off and be comfortable in a cafe :)


  7. This book sounds awesome :') doesn't everyone just dream of beautiful mermen walking out of the water and awaking the mermaid within with a kiss?
    Aww it sounds so lovely to be able to go into coffee shops and just jot down all your ideas like that! Very cosy :O and now I also would like to read The Tempest Rising! :)


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